Last February I decided to take on the challenge of competing in the Wildflower Triathlon, one of the nations most difficult Triathlons,which took place in May of 2006. The distance I would cover included a 1.5K (1 mile) Open Water Swim, followed by an intense 40K (25 Mile) bike ride and finishing off with a 10K (6 Mile) Run. I finished this race in 5 hours, since then I have continued to document my journey.

Monday, June 18, 2007

June 9th, 2007; Kings Trail Triathlon in Maui!!!

Kings Trail Triathlon was beautiful, challenging, and amazing. I absolutely loved it and have added it to my yearly must do race calendar.

The flight over was 5 hours long, which took a lot out of me. By the time I got off the plane and to the hotel, I was hot and sweaty in my jeans. I just wanted to get into a pair of shorts and take a dip in the ocean. No can room was not yet ready. So I went over to the bike pickup area and started assembling my bike. What an ordeal!! There were 250 other Team In Training athletes and everyones bike was shipped to the same place. I found my bike, took it outside and started pulling everything out of the box. I then put my bike together with no major difficulties. At this point my jeans were sticking to me and I had no desire to take my bike for a spin to make sure everything was working properly. Instead, I dropped my bike off in a safe place and went out for lunch. When I got back I took my bike around the resort and was happy to find that everything was working fine.

The next day we took our bikes on a somewhat hilly 6 mile ride to the resort which was hosting the triathlon. The ride made me nervous because it was harder than I expected and I was drenched in sweat by the time I got to the resort. After we all regrouped, we proceeded to packet pickup. The lines were a bit long but the staff was wonderful and we were all so happy that it was a joy to be there. The T-Shirts were AWESOME. Can we say...Light Blue DriFit with a cool logo on it :-)

After packet pickup, we proceeded to the ocean for a quick swim. The beach was beautiful and the water was the perfect temperature. We were all enjoying ourselves so much that most of us forgot that we were supposed to be swimming. Once Coach Steve was able to get us all out of the water, we went to preview this particularly challenging hill on the bike course. The problem was that we went through this short tunnel which then had a very short but extremely steep uphill. We would have to gear way down for this. Unfortunately, we were not able to ride through because it was part of the resort golf course. At least it was good to know it was there and how to deal with it. We then rode back to our hotel.

The next day we met at 4:45 AM in front of our hotel and all rode to the race. The ride was actually a great warm up even though it was hilly. We set up our transition areas and before we knew it, it was time for the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony was unlike anything that I have ever experienced. A Hawaiian priestess was there to kickoff the triathlon. She started by having us all close our eyes and feel the sand between our toes and the wind blowing. She then had us invision the start of the race and how the water felt as we were swimming strong in mother ocean, she went through each phase of the triathlon and spoke of strength and calmness. The effect of her words was amazing. She then burned some sage and blew her shell.

After that was done, she had us all come in closely and put our arms around each other. We sang the national anthem arm in arm. Most people had tears flowing by the time the ceremony was over.

You could find some footage of the opening ceremony on this web page:

The priestess then started each wave of the race by blowing on her shell. The waves were 3 minutes apart, which made it quite nice. because I did not feel like I was at a great disadvantage leaving in a late wave.

Before I knew it...I was swimming.

I actually had an excellent swim. The water felt great, my stroke felt strong and I was really enjoying myself. As I turned passed the last buoey, I went to take a stroke and actually touched a sea turtle!! He was not very big but it was cool seeing him. Unfortunately, I could not stay and watch him.

I swam towards shore. I sighted and saw that I was really close to the finish of the swim. The next time I sighted, I felt like I was farther away. I was momentarily confused until I realized that the waves were pulling me back and forth. I felt better and swam until my fingers touche the ground. That was my fastest swim ever!!!

I quickly transitioned to the bike. The ride started off on the golf course and went through a steep tunnel. As I looked up the tunnel, I saw a girl struggling to stay on. I tried to pass her on the left and wham!! She fell on me. She layed on me for a bit and a volunteer came to get her off me. Before I had a chance to try to get up myself, a large Samoan man picked me up like I weighed 10 lbs and dropped me on my feet. I jumped on my bike and that same girl hit my back tire before she fell again. Fortunately, I stayed on this time. The rest of the ride was beatiful. The vistas were so amazing that I found myself forgetting that I was racing. There was one hill which we were told was difficult. I was happy to find that it really was not that challenging for me. All that hillwork definately paid off. Before I knew it, I was coming back to the resort for my second loop. This time, the tunnel was clear. I got out of the saddle and powered up the hill.

The second loop seemed easier than the first. Maybe because no one fell on me or maybe because I was warmed up. Either second loop flew by and it was time to transition to the run.

The run was very challenging for me. It was hot, it was hilly, and there were food vendors on the side of the road selling barbecue and shaved ice. It was an out and back through lava fields. They were handing out sponges and ice water to keep us warm. I would take two sponges. One I would squeeze on my head, the second I would throw in my bra. Then I would take two cups of ice water. One I would drink and the second I threw under my hat to let the ice melt on my head. After running down a dirt road for a while, the scenery opened up to a gorgeous beach. It was really tempting to just wade out in the water but I had a triathlon to finish. Once I passed the beach, I hit another water stop and got ready to enter the lava fields. I have a new respect for all the competitors at Ironman Hawaii race. The lava field was hot and there was no shade in sight. The only good news of the lava fields was a slight headwind on the way back. This really help cool thinks off as the temps in the lava fields read 103 degrees. To add to the difficulty, the state park did not allow volunteers to hand out water. By the time most people were coming back, their eyes were bugging out and they looked like they were in trouble. Fortunately, I brought a water belt and avoided the added complication of dehydration.

At the final half mile, I was wishing for the race to be over. It was beautiful and amazing, but I was hot, sweaty and (most of all) hungry. I looked up...and there was the finish!!! You know how they say never look at you're watch at the end of a race. Well...never take a sip of water until you're sure the camera's are off of you.

The post race lunch was hosted by outback steak house!!! We had BBQ steak and chicken with ceasar salad and macaroni salad. Yum!!!

After getting home, we were exhausted.



Blogger Tinkerbell said...

Oh my gosh made me want to be there too. So glad you weren't injured by that woman falling on you. Scary. Congrats on your race!

12:01 PM

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